Best Weather App for Pilots

Enjoy easy briefing with colored TAF segments and highlighted important parts.
Insert all airports at once from PDF or device camera.
Check weather for enroute alternates.


Identify adverse weather faster

Get instant understanding of the weather situation in one scroll.

Focus on relevant time periods

Compact view shows you only relevant time windows. Expand the timeline and review weather for the next 36 hours.

Focus on important TAF parts

Highlighting TAF parts for your relevant time makes it easy to focus on what matters.

TAF explained on the timeline

TAF segments are colored according to the minima which you can setup yourself. Sunrise and sunset depiction complete the picture on airport conditions.


Check weather along route

Relevant time window for each enroute alternate is based on the distance from the route and from other enroute alternates.

Automatic selection of best enroute alternates

Built-in algorithm can choose best enroute alternates along your route. You can modify this list to your liking or create your list from scratch.

Create flight from PDF or camera

You can import the ATC flight plan or full OFP including enroute alternates.


Organize airports into groups

Aside from flights you can also create airport groups.

Quickly fill a group with airports

List all airports from your chosen country and choose which airports you want to insert to the group. Done.

Do even more with SmartBriefing

Study airports in detail.
Use wind forecasts depicted on the timeline.
Check wind on runways from pilot’s perspective.
Swipe through relevant NOTAMS sorted by importance.
And there’s much more.


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